iPhones or not?

So the bride and groom have arrived… Photographer and video guys are ready …then suddenly every second guest pulls out an iPhone and starts shooting… Right or wrong? events

Technology has played a big part in the way weddings are filmed and today’s iPhone can shoot in 12 megapixel resolution. But no matter how powerful the car, you still need to know how to drive and no iPhone will deliver the ‘steady-cam like’ stability that large format professional video cameras will.

iPhones have a place at weddings for great candid shots and these can be edited into the main footage produced by the video guy… But don’t rely on iPhones to capture all the classic moments in a sharp, steady and professional manner.

Wedding Video do’s and don’ts

Proprietor Gil Avenaim has always believed that the secret to producing a good video is making the bride and groom feel relaxed, almost to the point that they don’t even realize that they are being filmed.
“That’s the way we prefer to film. Once they’ve forgotten that you are there, you can pick and choose the best shots and everything looks very natural”.

Our videos include a perfect mix of fun, emotion and excitement with every part of the day captured. Effects include black & white, sepia, slow motion, strobing, wipes and dissolves – but our ‘snapshots’ seem to really make the difference. This is where we “freeze” certain parts of the video to create beautiful photo-like images which are mixed in with iStock_000006421389XSmallthe live footages… we receive more compliments about those snapshots than anything else!”

Finding someone to video your wedding can also be one of the toughest decisions for a bride and groom, simply because there is no such thing as a ‘stock standard’ video. Unlike a photographer who can take a number of “standard” shots of the bride getting ready at home, at the ceremony and the reception, a video allows for total creativity, both in the way that the visuals are shot, and afterwards, in the editing stage, where effects and music give the video its special ‘feeling’. It is this feeling that makes every video totally unique.

Consequently, when choosing your videographer, Gil Avenaim suggests that you need to be aware of a number of things:

You pay for what you get. The average video wedding should cost between $1550 to $1950… So beware of “bargain basement prices”. You can also pay up to $3000 so be sure to ask what you get for the extra outlay.

Ensure that you view a demo tape and meet with the cameraman booked for the wedding. He needs to have at least 5 years wedding experience – (you don’t want someone who bought a video camera last week, nor do you need an experienced television studio cameraman who knows nothing about weddings).

Also make sure he uses professional HD (high def) digital cameras that do not require bright lights. HD technology is becoming the norm now. This format will ensure crystal clear quality and sharpest resolution.

You also need to ‘click’ with the cameraman i.e. make sure he has a personality that compliments yours, and that you feel at ease with him… after all, he needs to capture you looking as natural as possible and that will only happen if you feel relaxed, and his style of filming is unobtrusive.

Choose the music that you want on the video carefully because this is what gives the video its special feeling. Tell your cameraman what style of video you want… formal, relaxed, fun etc. Give him an invitation so he knows exactly when, where and at what time.

Make the priest and reception hall aware that you are planning to have a video and ensure that there are no restrictions. If so, make sure you tell the cameraman. Where possible, a parking space should be allocated for the cameraman because of the amount of equipment he carries with him, and it is also customary to arrange a meal for him during the evening.

Finally, and probably the most important point to remember, is that you need to relax and have fun!!!

– Gil Avenaim

Top 10 wedding songs?

What do you think are the best 10 wedding dance songs?

Here’s the all time TOP 10…

“At Last” by Etta James
“I Won’t Give Up” by Jason Mraz
“You Are The Best Thing” by Ray LaMontagne
“All of Me” by John Legend
“Better Together” by Jack Johnson
“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri
“Everything” by Michael Bublé
“First Day Of My Life” by Bright Eyes
“Then” by Brad Paisley
“Make You Feel My Love” by Adele

What was yours?