Gil Avenaim established Goodtimes Video Productions in 1983.

As an award winning videographer and marketer, Gil has built the business on the back of a deep passion for video and photography, developed and nutured from a very young age. “I used to love making short films when I was young so I knew my career would involve filming

Gil also decided he wasn’t interested in creating ‘formal’ wedding videos. They needed to be fun, creative, different…and a little ‘out there’. Obviously it all depends on the bridal party, but if they are willing to experiment to get great footage, so is Gil….All my wedding cameramen are trained with the same attitude… have fun, be creative, enjoy the day and motivate the bridal party”

The other thing that really gets up my nose” says Gil “is when you hear about cameramen fighting with photographers to get the best position to film. A good videographer will let the photographer do whatever he wants, and then, having had the bridal party set up for you, the video guy can then film as much as he wants. If you see a wedding videographer arguing with a wedding photographer over who gets the best shot, you have to question having either of them at your wedding”.

Most important is to capture EVERYTHING that happens on the wedding day, then we can create all the magic during editing, “so I’m very conscious about recording good, clean footage at all times

Lastly, we want to have fun as well during the wedding day. We are with the bridal party for almost 12 hours so we are part of the family, and as a result we need to have good rapport with everyone”.

We’ve learnt a lot about weddings in the past 30 years so you can take comfort from the fact that we know what we’re doing.